Founded in 1923, Hasbro is a toy and game company with a mission to connect generations of fans through storytelling and play. It is an absolute delight to work with a 100 year-young company that has weathered the ups and downs of business and delivers entertainment, wonder and joy to millions of households daily. The restack project completed in 2023 helped transition their Kowloon, Hong Kong space into an office that fully supports and fosters creativity and teamwork. The new design innovatively caters to the aspirations of transforming the conventional workspace into a modern, dynamic, and collaborative environment.

A number of targeted zones were specifically included to enhance collaboration and social interactions. The SL+A design team championed this creative solution as a way to address the drawbacks of the previous office layout. The main challenge of the 53,700 square foot office spread across three floors resulted in a lack of opportunities to engage with other departments and we needed to make it accessible for cross-disciplinary teams to come together. Designated meeting spaces were set aside on each floor, including client-facing areas, playground areas, quiet work areas, and collaboration areas. These “zones” served a distinct purpose while simultaneously fusing important ideals of brand identity, sustainability and local elements of Hong Kong throughout the office for a sense of continuity.

The project was driven by the objective of fully showcasing Hasbro’s brand identity through the notable subsidiaries and consumer products that are adored and widely recognized. These were the focal points of the collaborative spaces – the colours, imagery and concepts found in beloved brands like Cluedo, Jenga and Monopoly can be found throughout the office. Elements were incorporated into meeting rooms, reception areas and phone booths, all working together to deliver a visually stunning and immersive experience.

In addition, the design team added touches that were culturally relevant and uniquely original to Hong Kong. We were excited source décor and furniture echoing the feel of traditional Hong Kong-style cafes. Local architectural influences are interspersed throughout the office, juxtaposed to the creative fun that key subsidiaries like Transformers and various boardgames bring to the space. Cultural elements that capture the feel of iconic neon light signs from yesteryear were included as a special commission from local artist ‘kowloneon’ on Instagram. The approach of such a special mix of furnishings not only reflects Hasbro’s brand identity but also delivers a unique and memorable experience for employees and visitors alike.

Sustainability was a key consideration in the design process and we achieved this by choosing sustainable materials and practices. Recycled materials, LED lighting and energy-efficient technology were carefully vetted and the team incorporated reclaimed wood-step seating into the design. With a few tweaks and clever rearrangement, more than 80% of the existing furniture was saved and repurposed for the newly designed office. SL+A understood how vital it was for Hasbro’s brand new office to have minimal environmental impact, a commendable feat in line with the strong focus of sustainability.

The final office design is a true reflection of Hasbro’s brand identity, and effectively promotes the values of collaboration, cultural relevance and sustainability.

Project Information

Design Associate – Jesyca Ong
Project Designer – Kathleen Cheng
Interior Designer – Elvis Lam
Asst. Interior Designer – Elkie Woo
Asst. Interior Designer – Kaiser Lau