Situated in the bustling metropolitan area of Hong Kong, a place of serene peacefulness encompassing wonderful elements of nature can be found nestled in between the multitude of high-rise buildings and commercial spaces. It was a real pleasure for SL+A Hong Kong to provide interior design services to assist in achieving the vision of this renowned multinational technology corporation. We closely followed through with the mission of visualizing corporate values and translating them through innovative workplace design. The office is a three-storey restack project with a total of 36,480 square feet of space, bringing together unique design concepts that ultimately led to a great professional win of the Silver Award in the category of Interior Design- Commercial bestowed by Muse Awards.

The theme carried throughout the design is of natural surroundings as the primary design concept and our Design Team took great care to apply this comprehensively throughout the space. As the corporation has a very strong emphasis on sustainability and wellbeing, the ambience of nature stands out as the most stunning feature. By utilizing greenery to accent each area, selection of complementary blues and different grey tones plus the addition of special feature lighting, we replicated natural light emanating through to the workspace from a canopy of trees in a forest. Throughout the space, little surprises of colour show up in the furniture and wall decor to bring more visual interest and liven up the office.

Another important highlight is the incorporation of re-branding features that create distinctive recognizable spaces in every corner. We worked closely with the client to understand the company ethos and to bring this to the forefront of the design and build process. The conceptualised characteristics including rhythm, pattern, perspective, geometry, and duality, echo with the design language of the brand.

Bringing the company vision to life through interior design while utilizing the intrinsic beliefs of the corporation meant SL+A could bring a fresh perspective to update this space. Working together to come up with a concept that promotes diversity and inclusion, while focused on positive change meant that SL+A seamlessly blended the company values into an office that is an exciting place to work and to achieve great things.

Project Information

Design Associate – Vic Lau
Project Associate – Jeff Tang
Senior Interior Designer – Ariel Wong
Project Designer – Kathleen Cheng
Assistant Interior Designer – Alison Wong
Assistant Interior Designer – Coco Wan
Assistant Interior Designer – Elkie Woo

Photographer: Scott Brooks