Relationship between the company and the nature

Direct connection to nature

The embodiment of nature is a strong theme of our client’s new office design. At the back and front house areas of the office, the panoramic view of the harbour allows the employees to have a spiritual connection to the natural light and water around Hong Kong.


Indirect connection to nature

To evoke a natural environment, a series of timber colored materials are strategically distributed around the space, such as the light maple timber slat applied throughout the office.

On the other hand, in order to create a stronger sense of environmental friendliness and increase emphasis on manufacturing sustainable products at the office, the carpets, floors and walls finishes were all manufactured through the use of different sustainable materials.

Space Layout

To fully utilise the natural lighting of the premises, all the active spaces around the office were deliberately kept towards the perimeter windows. This design was to ensure that the workers were able to receive adequate sunlight, and allow them to become more productive and mentally relaxed.

In order to generate the feeling of working in an natural environment, potted plants were strategically positioned around the circulation routes at the back office, whilst green walls were aesthetically distributed around the pantry area.

An open plan layout incorporated with an collaborative area was designed to fully encourage aptitude of collaboration amongst employees. This message was further enhanced through the use of casual furniture placed around the open office area.

Restorative Spaces

At the nap room, a series of design elements were utilised to ensure the space evoked a therapeutic environment.

To exemplify this, the light strip along the wall panels generates an indirect lighting which generates a soothing effect for the user. In addition, potted plants are positioned around the room to represent the common theme of sustainability around the office.

The visual blue walls connotates the colour of the mind at a soothing level. This design around the nap room ensures that the employee’s mind is calm and enhances their concentration levels.

Lastly, the enclosed space in the nap room ensures that the user will be able to experience a high degree of privacy.

Integrate Beauty and Design

Celebration of the company

To celebrate the culture of the company, the design pay heavy attention on how to express the uniqueness of it, as well as to create a joyful and comfort work area for all employees.

The collaboration area at the back of house area employed an open layout plan and a series of casual communal furniture which encouraged collaborative discussion in a comfortable manner.

And on the other hand, a series of pinboards are scattered around the work café area, which directly showcases photographs of every team building events hosted. That generates the sense of togetherness, fun and adventure for current and potential employees.

Celebration of Hong Kong

With the office location situated in the middle of the financial hub of Hong Kong, our client wished to celebrate this fact by utilizing a series of photograph and artworks of the bustling city around their office.

The staff expressed that having artworks representing the city they are currently living in brought a stronger sense of togetherness and collaboration.

On the other hand, photographs that highlighted the density of modern skyscraper of the city were placed around the meeting rooms, in order to display the concept of a lively and active office.

Integration of Art

A series of photographs taken in Hong Kong district that visuals the urban environment, and density of modern skyscraper of the city were placed around meeting rooms and back of house area.

All of these artworks were deliberately chosen to showcase the extremely bustling environment of Hong Kong. Furthermore, the purchase of these artworks were to promote the company’s CSR. Among the whole purchasing, 10% of the artwork’s profits were donated back to charity.

Human Delight

A recurring theme around the office is to promote the sentiment of a natural and serene working environment for the employees. This concept idea was integrated with the incorporation of the materials, lightings and a spacious layout plan.

The desired outcome of the juxtaposition between the design concept and elements was to promote increase of serotonin brain production of the employees. This ensures the employees would feel more emotionally comfortable around the premises, which greatly enhances their productivity and mental health.

Design Lactation Room for All Spaces

Sound minimization

Sound minimization has become a more contemporary discourse in the fields of Interior Design in recent years.

At the office, the usage of acoustic panels and glass door partitions around the back of house and meeting areas ensures that confidentiality and privacy can be kept at a maximum throughout the office.


At the Office, the lightings employed were heavily correlated with the notion of comfort and warmth. Using artificial lightings, all lightings were set at 3000K which evoked a comfortable mood and environment around the office. In addition, sustainability was also achieved as all artificial lightings utilized LED Lightings.

On the other hand, the office space fully utilized the use of natural sunlight around the premises. The use of the open layout plan and glass partitions allowed the office to absorb as much natural lightings as possible.

Thermal Comfort

The physical comfortability of the office was achieved through thermal comfort processes. To achieve this, a theme of using a series of warm and natural colour tone materials were utilized around the office to ensure a warm and comfortable presence was felt in the office.

In addition, greeneries that were placed around the office allows a thermal regulation of the temperature at the office.

Project Information

Louis Lau – Project Director
Anna Yang – Design Director
Cherry Chow – Senior Interior Designer
Kathleen Cheng – Interior Designer