A breakthrough innovator with origins in Silicon Valley, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a name recognizable across the world. Steven Leach Group is pleased to showcase our latest creative collaboration with the tech giant that has truly changed lives through technological advancement. This project is located in Dalian, a major port city in the Liaoning province of Southern China situated close to the sea with stunning views from the office. HPE’s global reputation of connecting people and businesses is led by a dedicated and passionate workforce strongly aligned to the company values. We were inspired to create a brand-new layout plan for HPE for their 7,500 square meter space and the SL+A team prepared renderings, signage design and selected unique materials and furniture that were a perfect fit for the different needs of this dynamic office.

Based on its geographic location and views of the gorgeous harbour, the team proposed a colour palette focused on shades of blue as a main feature to liven up spaces and bring visual interest in a professional office setting. To connect with the natural features of the ocean, we selected wood grain LVT for the public hub area where there is high foot-traffic since this was the best choice for durability while also integrating the look and feel of natural wood flooring. The general open office area has a beautiful ombré gradient coloured carpet that represents the tides of the ocean and is a harmonious ode to the overall ambiance of the workspace. Although the main design palette is cool-toned, we chose to incorporate many warm tones through the furniture and flooring to round out the area and create a comfortable working atmosphere. Complimentary hues of pinks and greys mimic the everchanging skies that surround this lively city, but the clear message is to make the office a light and airy space that is conducive to teamwork and innovation.

As an industry leader in software, infrastructure, services and cloud computing, HPE believes in delivering effective IT solutions to customers. SL+A felt that it was very important to continue to highlight the strong company culture, work ethic of the team and efforts in innovation while helping to foster a productive and empowered workplace. The first impression of a company is long lasting and impactful, and an impressive curved perforated panel with LED lights was placed right at the main reception area to demonstrate HPE as a modern, high-tech authority in the field.

Design team leader: Vicky Cho
project designer: Alan Zhu

HPE Dalian is yet another major win for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in their aim to conduct business in a responsible manner, putting people and partnerships first.