After several successful collaborations in the region, SL+A Tokyo was invited to establish the new headoffice for BMW Japan that follows the ConnectedWorks ethos started in 2017. This flexible, individual and sustainable work environment organizes the new headquarters on a single floor plate and serves to connect thousands of associates from around the world to BMW Japan. The team is able to utilize new working models that allows BMW to achieve the best results by combining digital tools and location independence to realize the full potential of an agile and contemporary work environment performing at the highest efficiency.

Everybody is encouraged to contribute to the shared success of BMW and individual working preferences are celebrated. The SL+A design team strived to offer a range of modules that provides a vast spatial diversity for teamwork. Mesh curtains are used throughout the office as versatile dividers to offer privacy and also reduce noise during group meetings and presentations. The office space is geared towards the needs of the associates and results in more concentrated and creative work, interaction and recreation. Our design focused on a variety of room modules suitable for activity based working (ABW). An open and accessible approach was adopted for the main workspace; welcoming couches, semi-private work stations and collaborative seating at hot desks are readily available next to larger sized meeting rooms. Employees can choose from a number of different work settings for both independent and team efforts to reap the benefits of greater autonomy and control of their workspace to produce top notch results.

The design language used for the BMW headquarters is based on a sensitive integration of traditional Japanese elements featuring louvers and wood structures that bring a sense of calm elegance to the office. We kept a consistent and contemporary approach while showing dedication and respect to the preferences of the Japanese market. Strong wood elements for desk surfaces, cabinetry, wall designs and flooring help to unify the look of the open-concept office. Consistent branding is incorporated throughout the space, with references to the architectural achievements of the famous Munich headquarters and acknowledgement of BMW’s long history of producing not only utilitarian vehicles, but cars that are synonymous to excitement and innovation.

With the opportunity to organize everyday tasks using a hybrid office environment, BMW continues to utilize ConnectedWorks to drive transformation in the company and enrich the shared work culture by focusing on sustainability and setting an excellent example for the industry as a whole.

Project Information

Design team – Yuta Yamaki, Ken Uchida