Our SL+A team in Japan was assigned by the globally-renowned consulting firm A.T. Kearney to give a fresh new take on the interior design of their Minato-ku, Tokyo office in Japan. As with all other locations, the Tokyo branch office takes great pride in their professionalism, confidentiality and sustainable purpose when working with clients and partners. There was a yearning for an office design that embodied the Kearney mission which could be reflected in the physical openness of their work space.

After some consideration, SL+A suggested breaking down the numerous small compartmental rooms divided by fixed walls to create a large, flexible module space which could be sectioned off by suspended curtains. The adjustable curtains can easily be modified to accommodate the ever-changing sizes of project teams and needs. The office is filled with modular work desks equipped with all of the necessary tools for a group or individuals working independently on a project. Whiteboards, large flat-screens and custom audio-visual capabilities were all added for efficiency in workflow and flexible schedules meant to serve a wide range of clientele from around the globe.

The curtain material selected by our design experts is a textile that looks sheer in appearance, but has an added function of sound absorption. The texture makes it possible to maintain visual confidentiality while also allowing natural light coming through to brighten up the core of the premises, further allowing the coexistence of physical openness with acoustic privacy. The 1,666 square meter office space shows character while looking spacious and inviting with neutral earth tones of the décor. Wooden flooring and stone accents blend in perfectly with the functional furnishings that make this work space accommodating for A.T. Kearney staff, managers and consultants to pursue sustainable, positive results in everything that they do. Lounge areas and an open kitchen, called “the Oasis”, round out the designated meeting areas and provides a comfortable escape from the daily work grind.

Another element of aesthetics was added to the reception area with a stylish and simple minimalistic design. A slab of basalt stone was carved out from a mountain located in the northern part of Japan, and fitted as a major feature on the reception counter. Together, with the world map that was introduced by A.T. Kearney’s global design guide, it welcomes international and local visitors to the re-designed office space with special touches of Japanese tradition. We are delighted that the team at A.T. Kearney can continue to pursue their mission of creating lasting economic, social and environmental solutions for the world from their redesigned Tokyo office space.