This global financial leader is located in the Central Business District of Hong Kong at Three Exchange Square. SL&A Hong Kong is delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with this global financial leader.

This 22,000 sf. redesigned office is by far the highlighted work of Steven Leach Hong Kong office. During the early planning and design stage, our clients emphasized that a mature and secure environment is one of the vital requirements for the reception area and boardrooms to host clients. As such, our team decided to use red and light brown to deliver such a mood. In addition, the mature red hue represents the long-standing history and identity of our client.

In the consolidated workspace, meeting room glass partitions are decorated with a unique film replicating Hong Kong’s famous city skyline. This unique frosted film not only enhances privacy, it also drives cultural integration. Flexibility is also one of the key elements in this project, where agile base working style is to be utilized throughout the entire office. This idea depicts the theme of freedom, as it offers more variety of workspace for stakeholders to cater towards different needs. The freedom of picking your own workspace conceptualizes the “City and Oasis”.

The collaboration area and business lounge feature an energetic and vibrant color palette to brush up the “Oasis”. The design intention here is to use strong accent colors to add personality and to enhance the welcoming atmosphere of the space. The ultimate goal is to provide a dashing and bright working environment.

Global financial leaders are challenged to constantly deliver quality output in a fast-paced environment. Hanging greeneries in the Work Café intend to stimulate their productivity, thus our team proposed to incorporate the “Oasis” motif into the design.


The wide range of motifs and colors of the “Oasis” within the design is highlighted by the hanging greeneries in the Work Café to stimulate productivity, which captures the essence of a timeless financial institution.

Project Information

Sylph Ho – Design Associate
Jeff Tang – Project Associate
Kathleen Cheng – Project Designer