Central i-City Shopping Centre is a six-level, 940,000 square-foot retail space that is a joint venture between i-City Properties Sdn Bhd (ICP) and Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN) of Thailand. Conceptualised to combine both Thai and local (Malaysian) knowledge and culture to create an experience that is fresh and unique for Malaysians. This project is executed by the Steven Leach Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok offices and reflects the best of our Thai-Malaysia collaboration.

In the dimension of everyday life, the City of Lights, City of Life concept aims to create a built environment that enhances the quality of life of consumers by utilising the beautiful and functional designs that align with human nature and comfort.

Refreshingly new ideas in recreational spaces, facilities and elements of technology and nature are also a crucial part in creating welcoming spaces that invite people to utilise them in new ways beyond what is normal in a regular shopping mall.

The mall is also carefully crafted to enhance the experience for all walks of life and all manner of families, children and young adults.

Visited by an average of 40,000 shoppers daily, this mall is designed to meet the demands of highly urbane communities. Central i-City offers renowned grocery, iconic fashion, family-focused and youth-oriented entertainment platforms, as well as a wide selection of cafes and restaurants to suit all wants and needs.

Central i-City is poised to be a social haven for shoppers to celebrate life and revel in new experiences.

The space is designed to be bright yet warm to exude that natural and welcoming space ambiance. The core idea of the interior is to give shoppers a whole-day experience with a myriad of things to discover throughout their visit. In order to achieve this, each level of Central i-City comes with different styles and themes and greatly enhances way finding.
Each level of Central i-City represents different times of the day, taking the shopper from start of day at Lower Ground to the end of day at Level 4.

• LG – is “Rising Sunrise” and packed with early morning needs and activities such as grocery outlets, coffee, breakfast, bakery, fresh food
• G, L1 – “Dayspring Daylight” caters to the active section of the day, lunch, shopping, and fashion and beauty needs
• L2 – “Mid-Day Energetic” is specially catered to sports, adventure and the active lifestyle
• L3 – “Early Afternoon Kiddy Time & Afternoon Relaxing” consists of zones for families to hangout, relax and dine, all kid-friendly and fun
• Al Fresco (L1) – “Twilight Sunset” is where shoppers can celebrate and end their busy day with a happy note at some chic and casual upscale bars and bistros
• L4 – “Nightlight Full moon” is completely devoted to leisure and entertainment and is all about celebration, party, karaoke (nighttime fun activities)

Outdoor elements integrated throughout the space give a sense of serenity of being enveloped by nature and soothing greens. For instance, the concept of the ‘Rising Sunrise’ at LG was created by adding flowers, plants, ‘sun’ and water features to create a space that connects shoppers with natural elements while being comfortably indoors.

Project Information

Samantha Ling – Senior Designer (KL Office)
Sumet Malaluxami – Senior Designer (BKK Office)
Shahrul Izwan – Designer (KL Office)