Climate, craftsmen, history, and time … are the mythical elements that turn water, malted barley and yeast into highly prized Scottish whiskies. Angus Dundee Distillers PLC, is one of the largest whisky distributors in Scotland and they also own 2 famous award winning distilleries; Tomintoul, situated in the prestigious Speyside Glenlivet region, and Glencadam located in Eastern Highlands in the town of Brechin. Their Scotch Whisky is sold in blended, deluxe blended, single malt, blended malt and single cask varieties. With over 60 years of experience in the Whisky trade, they have access to not only rare Scotch but to the holy grail of rare ‘Single Cast Malts Barrels’ from distilleries across Scotland.

Angus Dundee Distillers launched Maltluxe Whisky House in a 5 floor townhouse in the Xuhui District of Shanghai, a recently built prestigious development that also houses the Capella Hotel and other luxury brands. The entire development is designed in a classic exterior style known as Shanghai 1930’s Shikumen Townhouses, with narrow alley ways, brick exterior, and handmade doors and windows. The alleys only allow minimum quality landscaping and lighting, following the Shikumen style. Access to the facility is by invitation only, and membership comes along with the purchase of a barrel of Single Cast Malt Whisky.


Materials were selected keying off the main tools of producing a fine whisky. The iconic Copper Stills are critical to the distillation process, and the copper provides the important estery spirit into fine Whisky. The Cask is central to aging fine whisky, it is always handmade from previously used burbon barrels, crafted from white oak and charred inside, they deliver the deep, rich undertones and mellow body. The ground floor is the showroom where we wrap guests, floors, walls, ceilings, in a white oak with a gentle curving whisky display wall, accented with copper details. Bottles of labelled rare whiskies, not typically available on the retail market, can be tasted and purchased. Each bottle is presented like individual jewels in bottom lit leather wrapped cases. A central diamond shaped case, designed in the tradition of the ‘Sprit & Sample Safe’ found at all distilleries, displays samples of Single Cast Malts, available only at the Maltluxe Whisky House and purchased only by the barrell. We present old whisky barrels pushed in and cantilevered into the stairwell, so all guest will experience real barrels from all angles, as they go up or down to other floors. Used Barrel Tops were stacked 2 floors high to give a sense of what a distillery aging room might feel like. The showroom is also a tasting area equipped with seating and large monitors so guest can enjoy watching the full distillation process or the latest in newly released product.

On the lower floor, Members can lounge in a clubroom atmosphere while sipping their private stock, or trade tastings with fellow members, or simply enjoying other rare single cast malts available by the bottle. The fully equipped Clubhouse facility allows members to host private tasting parties with up to a dozen guests. The lowest floor at B2 is the storage rooms for excess barrels and bottles, reminiscent of an old wine cellar. The upper floors provide more private lounge areas with balconies for cigar lovers. Maltluxe Whisky House is an unique and exclusive private retreat from the hustle bustle of busy Shanghai.

Project Information

David Pipkin – AIA, LEED AP|Executive Director
Betty Hsieh – Design Director
Celine Wu – FFE Design Director
WeiWei Lin – Styling Director
Ivy Fang – FFE Designer
Erin Chou – Senior Project Manager
Angela Yan – Project Designer
Yami Wan – Project Designer
Lisa Lu – 3D Designer