In the spirit of collaboration and providing seamless cross-border services, SL+A Group is proud to continue to forge relationships and offer support to our worldwide partners. At the start of this project, our SL+A Kuala Lumpur and SL+A Tokyo teams worked together to ensure the fundamental concepts and design ideas were successfully implemented. With the experience gained from Carl Zeiss office in Tokyo, the team was all on board to support the dynamic growth of yet another ZEISS location – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To commemorate the major ZEISS milestones and to honor the dedication and achievements of the team, a “history wall” near the reception area welcomes guests and visitors as they enter the space. The brightly lit space provides an impressive visual of the journey ZEISS has navigated thus far.

When ZEISS first entered the Malaysian market in 1990, twelve employees paved the way to help ZEISS grow and evolve. Now, with more than ninety staff members and a projected team expansion of 30%, ZEISS is proud of the relationships they have cultivated so far and is hopeful that “creating a new working environment combined with a customer center will continue this dynamic momentum. A space that we can share with our customers, collaborate together in an agile way and of course provide availability for future expansion with an open office space concept.”

The end result means an improvement in performance and productivity, the ability to attract talented new recruits, enhance wellness and well-being, and to inspire new ideas. Pockets of hot desks within the open area help to break the monotony of a typical office layout. The workplace has evolved from individual private cubicles with high partitions to an open office space environment to encourage communication and spontaneous interaction between teams.

By combining the office workspace and new customer experience center under one roof, the team is able to showcase the complete spectrum of products and services within their portfolio. The entire ZEISS team is excited to welcome customers to visit their new space and partake in a truly immersive ZEISS experience and they look forward coming to work at the new office. Employees are most keen to interact with other co-workers and encouraging communication across the team as a whole. The newly designed office will aid in team building and will allow everyone to work together more closely.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses, but rather, workspaces are designed with extraordinary business needs in mind. In this time of rapidly evolving technologies and demand for wellness-based workplace design, the focus is on enhancing employee’s well-being and happiness in the workplace. SL+A Group prioritized dynamic spaces that can lead to exciting transformations in the way that employees perform, interact with, and operate within built environments.

Project Information

Design Team: Alan Wee, Jessie Chan
Project & Commercial Team: Kuan Yew & Margaret Goh
Director in Charge: Phillip Marchione & Martin Axe