As a leading Fortune 500 company at the forefront of information and technology, DELL Technologies has a diverse global team with unique perspectives. The company is committed to human progress driving digital transformation, but recognizes that everything starts with supporting and focusing on the people who work at DELL. With that mission in mind, our creative SL+A team was brought on to refresh and update the Bangkok offices. The task was an ID fit-out with refurbishment and reinstatement of space in a commercial use building located in Sathorn, Bangkok constructed in 1999. We updated the interior to accommodate around 80 employees – transforming the infrastructure that is more than two decades old to create a space fostering a welcoming and unique domestic ambiance.

It was important to DELL that the new office space commits to their strong company culture and the SL+A creative team paid particular attention to adding elements that could infuse relaxation into the work day while simultaneously maximizing productivity. Adjustable system furniture from Image Furnitech was carefully chosen and strategically placed to help employees combat health risks associated with modern lifestyle choices and sedentary office requirements. Multi-purpose ergonomic office furniture designed with clean lines offers a timeless look that also lends to a calm and relaxing environment.

The office layout is strongly aligned with the DELL brand personality of being “open and collaborative”. The SL+A project leader and the senior designers took great care to select Pantone shades that matched the DELL color palette and sourced materials that could seamlessly match the workspaces in DELL offices across the world for a sense of unity and corporate team spirit. Serene shades of green and grey have become the unifying colors in the collaborative workspaces, lounge areas and meeting rooms that are used daily to help DELL achieve their ambitious social impact and sustainability initiatives that impacts everyone, everywhere. The design color choice may bring up the question of why the highly recognizable “Dell Blue” was not selected instead. The reason is that the color blue is reserved for brand-level, customer-facing purposes only; it is often found on DELL social media or advertisement initiatives, or lobbies and storefronts that are meant for interactions with the public.

Keeping in line with corporate guidelines and without neglecting the contextual narrative that was found in Bangkok, SL+A and DELL transformed an outdated office space with a minimal yet impactful approach. The intentional interior design elements and considerations resulted in an exciting and re-invigorated approach to how DELL continues to innovate by taking care of employees so they can continue to focus on delivering exceptional results.

The newly refurbished 880 square foot DELL office design and build project was completed in 2022 and absolutely captivates all involved in the experience, resulting in an open office that has playful tendencies toward collaboration and privacy whilst maintaining industry leading standards. SL+A is proud to continue to bring creative and flexible solutions to the demands of organizational needs and an evolving work culture.

Project Information

Dylan Larsen – Project Director
Putthikarn Saikliang – Project Lead
Surawut Wattanapornprom – Senior ID
Sarawut Sawatdisri – 3D

Photographer: Michael Spencer