The success of technology companies in recent years comes down to the passion and drive of the founder along with the superb dedication of the start-up, with everyone working towards a common solution. At Tomofun, the goal was to solve a very specific problem that pet owners faced each day and the team let loose their creative ideas to become a global market leader focused on the unique needs of dogs. One of the pioneer products on the market, the “Furbo Dog Camera” is the #1 best-selling pet camera on Amazon in the US, Canada, UK, and Japan. The learning curve is steep – but the work is exhilarating and the aim is to bring innovative products to pet lovers of the world.

Our SL+A design team was delighted to provide design and build services for Tomofun and help re-think the two workspaces housed on the fourth and sixth floor of the building. With a total of 1,155 square meters of space, our focus was to design a space that aligns with the atmosphere of fun, delight and a shared love for animals. Employees and staff are encouraged to bring their pets to the office space and the new design concept was based around the element of soft curves and accessibility – avoiding any sharp corners that might cause injury to curious companion animals. The circular Tomofun and Furbo logos was an inspiration for different features throughout the office and helped to add a whimsical element for lighting, broad archways and furniture choices. The strong brand identity is seen throughout the office with the main company colours of bright yellow and grey featured prominently against more natural bamboo or wood textures, all enhancing the branding essence. We selected the secondary branding colours of orange and blue as accents for the fabrics of the upholstery and paint selection. Our SL+A design team made sure to consider the long-term durability and use of the office, opting for materials that are pet-proof, stain and bacteria resistant and are easy to clean if necessary. A major feature and focal point of the office re-design was the set of three of arches that draws attention to the natural light from the windows, lending to a stunning visual that was repeated on both the fourth and sixth floor for excellent design continuity.

Working with the needs of a modern technology company, we upgraded the cabling setup for compatibility with voice assistant services like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa. Meeting the technology requests from our client is crucial to the innovation and development of new product features that support future growth of the company. We are extremely grateful to contribute to the goal of enabling pet owners to share more love and moments with their beloved companion animals. The heartwarming mission of Tomofun to always be together with our dogs truly spreads joy and lightheartedness in homes across the world.

Project Information

Partner In Charge: Mao Wang
Design / Project Manager: Amy Huang
Project Lead Designer: Sherman Cho
Visual Art Designer: Huan Tu