DB Financial Investment (former Dongbu Securities) was founded in 1982 in Seoul and has now grown into one of the major securities firms and investment banks in South Korea. The SL+A team was tasked with the primary objective of creating a space that could provide enhanced premium experiences for exclusive VIP customers. Extensive research on the behavior patterns of luxury brand customers revealed three key elements that could be incorporated into the design of the project: unique spatial arrangements, functional segmentation, and impactful branding. We worked together to shape the functionality, aesthetic and experiential journey of everyone involved with DB Financial Investment.

It was important to construct a space that could not just meet, but exceed the needs and expectations of clients. The design concept focused on transforming the waiting area into a hotel lounge atmosphere that played with soft lighting and calming elements using natural materials like stone and wood as the main focus. We installed an automatic blind system to easily adjust the natural light filtering through from the large windows and maintain a welcoming atmosphere for guests from the moment they step into the space. It was also vital to implement a private OP counter design and introduce F&B services to provide complimentary refreshments or accommodate for catering events that may take place in the space.

The seating and meeting areas are varied based on the function they serve, many private and semi-private offices are situated on the perimeter while comfortable sofas and seating for small groups are arranged in the middle. The addition of Spacelogic’s Swiss modular furniture allows for a very sleek form-follows-function aesthetic that looks streamlined and elegant. A very versatile seminar space can be easily set up for events or large group presentations, against the backdrop of special TORO wall paintings, custom made greenery from Interscape and lighting that illuminates the rooms perfectly. Carpet tiles, soft pillowy shapes and rounded edges or circular motifs help soften rooms, entryways and curved ceiling elements draw visual interest upwards – showcasing the luxurious details thoughtfully added to every corner of the office.

SL+A incorporated a large LED screen accessible to guests in strategic areas that could display financial information, news, or utilized for presentations during client meetings and information sessions. The ultimate aim was to establish a compelling branding space within this new DB Financial Investment facility, effectively making it a desirable destination to bring friends and create a supportive sense of community, loyalty and trust. The office was completed in July 2022 and really helped to usher in a new vigor for financial independence, learning about investing and planning for a brighter future.

Project Information

Design Manager: Jonathan Kim
Senior Designer: Donnie Yoon
Designer: Yeeun Kim, Seonghoon Yoo