Steven J. Leach Jr.+Associates (SL+A) were recently awarded “BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2019”. The award ceremony was held at the Centara Grand at CentralWorld Bangkok on the 18th of June.

BCI Asia Interior Design Awards recognizes interior design excellence for projects located in seven Asian regions: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It seeks interior, architectural designs that stand out aesthetically, functionally and ergonomically, based on the criteria of spatial design; comfort; aesthetics; innovation; and realization efficiency. The award provides designers a tremendous opportunity to showcase their creativity and promote excellence in designing outstanding interior spaces.

SLA working with Singha Estate, as the developer, were awarded the following:

• EYSE43 – the Winner in Living Category

• Singha Complex – Merit in Retail Category.


Discreetly tucked away from the vibrant expanse of Sukhumvit Road, EYSE 43 is described as a “hidden treasure” in the luxury residential market. With an area covering approximately 3,200m² (2 rai²), the challenge for the project was not only to maximize utilization, but offer a plethora of facilities without the feeling of being confined in a cluttered environment.

EYSE 43 is located within five-minute walk to the main road and a further five minutes to the Em District near the BTS Phrompong Station. The location gives easy access, convenience and amenities for life in the big city, while enjoying the contemplative seclusion of quiet home living.

The intent was to create a distinctive design that would differentiate the project from its peers. As opposed to catering to whimsical themes and marketing gimmicks, the designer’s intent was to simplify and deliver the essentials of what a “home” truly means. Opting for refined design details over decorative embellishment, EYSE 43 delivers on substance.

“We are glad that what we were trying to achieve has been appreciated. We tried to create a true home, going against what seems to be the norms around here for residential condominium design these days — many shiny accessories, lots of mirror, and marble stones. Our goal is to create warmth, coziness, and relaxing functional spaces that give the feeling of coming back home.” – Julie Limsnukan, Lead Designer for EYSE 43.

As the Singha brand is best known for its beer, the elements and color scheme for Singha Complex were evolved from barley stalks and the glowing amber hues of beer. The design of the building itself is a modern, elegant abstraction of a grain’s natural form and color. Mimicking the stalk and spikelet, the building’s façade wraps around the base of the structure, peeling back at the tower’s crown to reveal a tiered cluster of telescoping floors. Inspired by the architectural space, the interior design is translated to elements of both volume and color.


Much of the comfort in the Singha Complex is derived from a combination of architectural space and elementary design, expressed in an undeniable visual aesthetics and very rich textural feel. This expression applies from being articulated in the façade through to interior space such as rest areas and canteen space with a palette of color accents and geometric shapes feature.

“Retail design goes beyond decorating a large interior space. It is about creating a cohesive experience of an inclusive commercial spaces, that allows for different purposes. The realization of which needs to be practical to in order implement and to be actualized effortlessly. This principle is at the focus of the tenant area designed for Singha Complex. The tenancy spaces can be compartmentalized and defined with the use of feature timber fin ceilings and stretched vinyl membranes. This approach permits the creation of unique spaces for different tenants, whether these will be alfresco dining areas, open shops, or even indoor gardens.” – Sumet Malaluxami, Lead Designer for Singha Complex.

Being recognized as a preeminent interior design firms is a testament to our wild team work and undeniable design ethos. We will continue to create, develop, and deliver innovative designs, both in the national and international domain.