SL+A Group strives to improve the communities we serve and our projects are a great reflection of the unwavering commitment to this mission. Tucked away in the heart of Sukhumvit, a diverse multinational district of Bangkok, our design team transformed an area spanning approximately 284 square wah (1,136 square meters) into an extraordinary private family sports club. This convenient location is situated across the street from luxury residences and very close to amenities and shops – a perfect space to blend sports and creative play with nature, offering a relaxing getaway while delighting enthusiasts of all ages.

Seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces into a cohesive multi-sport experience, guests are welcomed at the entrance with calming water features and lush jungle-like foliage that leads to the outdoor jungle gym and mini golf/putting green the back. As part of this architecture and interior design project, we included exploration and adventure areas that could inspire fun and excitement for children. A large timber treehouse from Thaweephan, playground, sturdy 8 by 6-meter trampoline and Rock Venture climbing wall are found to the side of the mini golf area. A large variety of activities and free-play style structures are tucked in and around the rope dome, offering endless hours of fun for young visitors.

Just before the main indoor space, there is an open multi-purpose entertainment area that can be used for different events. The main attraction of the indoor space is the golf simulator room, specially tailored with the help of professional consultants. The SL+A team created a fully functioning custom room with screens, camera sensors and a Gyproc acoustic ceiling for the most realistic experience to maximize user immersion.

Apart from entertaining, there are ancillary spaces where members can relax, change, or order food through catering services from the professional kitchen. The staff zone is located on the second floor to provide on-site assistance and support for the functions held in this space. We included workstations to accommodate up to 12 staff members and built in a full pantry as requested by the client. This way, the dedicated team is always ready and on stand-by to fulfil requests and make memorable moments within this luxurious event setting.

Finally, the Private Family Sport Club boats a Seara International brand tennis court on the rooftop, and it can also be used as a half basketball court. We were very conscious of maximizing the available space and packing in as many amenities as possible. Special consideration was given to the primary steel curved structure, designed to provide shade and adheres to strict safety standards via the use of tensile roof coverings. Fastech façade fabric was selected for the unique high-quality and weather resistant properties, yet still looking professional and breathable enough to allow the breeze to keep the area cool even on hot summer days. Completely surrounded by natural elements, the building is integrated in and amongst the trees and biophilic elements provides some reprieve to the Thailand heat. The orientation of the court compliments the site layout, creating a serene environment that merges competition with tranquility.

Project Information

Tarkoon Suwannasukhum – Technical Director
Yuen Phuket – Senior Architect
Akkawat Eakhirunyakit – Architect
Sumeth Malaluxami – Interior Designer
Montri Mudjui – CAD
Sarawut Sawatdisri – 3D