The InterContinental Hotels Group, fondly known as IHG boasts more than five thousand hotels across nearly one hundred countries. The hotelier opted to renovate their second level Shanghai-based Regional Headquarters to create a haven of true hospitality.

The SL+A design team incorporated the leading brand principles into all aspects of the space, giving a sense of IHG’s incredible hospitality, innovative efforts and future vision. The elements incorporated into the renovation carries the essence behind the long-standing history behind the brand and highlights the successes from inception to today.


SL+A was determined to embody the spirit behind the diverse IHG brands and demonstrate the core culture throughout the new workspace. Guests and employees alike experience each facet through custom design elements and are delighted by the special touches that pay tribute to the family of hotels under IHG. Mandates for True Hospitality, Diversity, Innovation & Creation, and Inheritance & Mission are paramount.


Walking through the reception hall inspired by the luxurious Regent Hotels and Resorts, you are greeted in front of an elegant oriental screen that seamlessly melds together IHG’s fascinating brand journey. Past the reception, an expanse of open space features bold and playful designs adopting the trendy style of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. Social interaction is encouraged in the open concept common space, endearing a unique feeling of connectedness. Adjacent to the bar area, features are borrowed from Hotel Indigo – where no two properties are the same and inspiration is drawn from the culture and local surroundings of each hotel. Mixing function with beauty, SL+A installed a vibrantly decorated large-scale display cabinet in bold colours and furnished the spacious sitting area with one of a kind pieces that leave a lasting impression.

The conference area also reflects the diversity of IHG brands. With Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn themed conference rooms, and a special Hualuxe meeting room that incorporates traditional designs that represent strong Chinese characteristics and tastes. SL+A took this opportunity to carefully weave in elements of historical significance that were instrumental in IHG’s glorious past. By working together with the hotel administration, a striking wall of fame is nestled next to the offices and conference rooms. This special commemorative wall regales of past milestones and honors the founder, Mr Kemmons Wilson by displaying an oil painting of his likeness
painted by an IHG staff member.

The entire second level office space utilizes the latest technology for connecting with IHG partners around the globe. With wireless charging points, a state-of-the-art video conferencing facility and conference room management system that easily allows for effective and productive workflows. In the spirit of flexibility, important work can be accomplished at anytime, anywhere in the office, even in the lounge area. Yet, confidential work can be accomplished in one of the many quiet rooms and semi-private meeting corners. SL+A is proud to present to IHG a place where they can call ‘JIA’ – a home that makes their mission to “Create Great Hotels Guests Love” possible.

Project Information

Project Name: IHG Shanghai Office refurbishment – Level 2
Size: 6800sqm
Location: Shanghai
Services Provided: Interior Design / FFE Design / Signage Design
Project Team Name:
Shanghai Office: Sunny Wang – Managing Director
Sharon Yeoh – Director
Betty Hsieh – Design Director
Seoul Office: Jonathan Kim – Managing Director