It was a momentous matter when a globally recognized healthcare company selected SL+A International to breathe new life into their Taipei branch office in 2018. A collaborative effort was required to revitalize the sprawling 2,050 square meter space located in the urban metropolis of Xinyi District. SL+A Taipei was excited to envision a new space that draws from the connection between them and Taiwan.

SL+A proposed a design that captured the essence of the ocean – a powerful and majestic natural force that simultaneously instils a sense of peace. The core design concept was translated across the entire spatial blueprint through the use of clean outlines, small proportions of vivid colours, and the inclusion of patterned carpets mimicking the ebbs and flow of water. The carpet is a focal point that ties the entire office design together, bringing a sense of unity and balance and the bursts of bright colours represent organisms living under the sea. Our vision intertwines elements of a seaside landscape with the depths of the ocean; workers can be swept away to a beachside workstation to focus on their tasks and relax during periods of downtime to improve work efficiency.


Underlying the design of the office was a need for multi-functional spaces that could help them achieve a new approach to the work day.

Activity Based Working (ABW) frees employees from the constraints of a single workstation and encourages more opportunities for collaboration. Several types of workspaces were distributed around the office, including small/medium/large meeting rooms, department-specific areas, private phone booths, and a choice of enclosed or open concept “cozy collaboration” zones. Even the library and kitchen are accessible for impromptu meetings – the inclusion of flexible seating encourages ABW style teamwork anytime, anywhere.


The design team fulfilled another crucial request by offering a thoughtful approach to accommodate the Field Force Team. Previous office designs overlooked the specific needs of a team that faces vastly different work demands. SL+A provided a comfortable space that was tailored to the needs of a busy sales team, with lockers, shared workstations equipped with wireless connectivity, and even massage chairs. The sense of belonging and fuels the continued success and hard-work of employees in the sales force.


Inventive storage shelves were custom built to showcase reference books and advertising materials, while moonlighting as a meeting space that gives a reprieve from the typical meeting environment. However, the three different 16-person capacity meeting rooms are far from typical: equipped with mobile dividing walls, it is possible to separate or expand the space as needed. All of the tables, chairs and furniture can be reconfigured for meetings, social events or presentations and seminars involving several teams.


This Design & Build project germinated from a small seed, requiring a year of hard work to fully come to fruition. With vital insights within the office’s “think tank” and a dedicated approach to work, SL+A created a new office that will pave the way for the firm to reach ever greater heights in the field of healthcare.


Project Information

Size:  2050 sqm
Location:  Taipei, Taiwan
Services Provided:  Design & Build
Project Team Name:
Partner in Charge: Mao Wang
Project Director: Ting Tang
Design Team: Kaiwen Chang, Huan Tu
Site Supervisor & MEP: John Chen & Jamie Lee
Photography credit:
Dirk Heindoerfer & Phoeny Lee