For many, another spin around the sun symbolizes a fresh beginning — a time of resolutions, commitments and enthusiasm. For Steven Leach Group celebrating our milestone 50th year, it is an exciting time for us to appreciate our past and make plans for an even brighter future.

2022 marks the perfect opportunity to revisit the SL+A purpose statement, a mutually understood purpose that expresses why we are in business and what motivates us to keep striving for excellence day in and day out. It is clear that everyone who pursues a career in a design field – be it architects, interior, graphic, product, or fashion design – truly enjoys the process of creating something special and presenting the potential outcome to the world. We know that design is the key element of ‘what we do’ at SL+A and we have attracted talent from all over the globe by cultivating a shared purpose to offer creative solutions. We are a group of passionate individuals who understands the satisfaction of putting pencil on a blank paper, or a mouse on a blank screen and developing a successful end result that makes sense for our client, the environment and future generations.

“To Design requires going into yourself and blocking out the outside world of distractions, and to work on tangible solutions.” – David Pipkin, Executive Director

Our team has a shared vision to inspire others and provide fundamental benefits to all of the spaces we design – this is the ‘hoped for’ outcome of every SL+A project. Inspiration is often different for everyone, and we create experiences that set the stage so others can find their personal inspiration within that ‘place’. Designing Places to Inspire focuses heavily on the functionality of the final project and our understanding of client needs means we can leave a truly lasting impression. Every design detail will make a difference in the day-to-day life of those who utilize the spaces we have a hand in bringing to life. Our genuine connection with the client and end-user enables us to fulfil our purpose and commitment to excellent design that can bring about positive and long-lasting impact.

All of our projects require teams of people, staff and consultants, working towards a common goal with a common purpose. This fundamentally aligns our actions to achieve the best solutions for our clients, demonstrating what Steven Leach first coined as our value statement: we are YOUR Partners in Creative Solutions.