SL+A Taipei strongly believes that creative young minds and new talent can bring a fresh perspective and different way of thinking to our group. In partnership with Chungyuan University in Taiwan, Steven Leach Group Taipei is immensely proud to sponsor the Student Design Excellence Awards (SDEA). Since 2009, we have recognized the importance of encouraging students to display creativity and imagination in the process of interior design.

Upper year students have the opportunity to present design proposals directly to the SL+A Taipei Office and meet with seasoned design trailblazers in their intended field of work. Winners are awarded financial aid, SL+A social media and website recognition and an Internship role. This is an important stepping stone for students interested in pursing a career in interior design, since the SL+A Group regularly offers interior design summer interns opportunities to join as full-time employees to receive valuable mentorship, encouragement and resources to launch young talent into our profession.

This year, the challenge was to design an exhibition space that is inspired by nature. The project location of this exhibit would be displayed on the 7th and 8th floors of the National Taiwan Science Education Center. The goal is to design an engaging entertainment space for visitors while understanding concepts of postages, commercial behavior, and spatial scale. From the forty teams of aspiring designers demonstrating their creativity and innovative ideas, we chose three finalists to officially present their design to the SL+A Taipei office. After a fierce a competition, we are proud to present the wonderful designs from SDEA 2022:

People’s Choice Award Winner : (Marine Symbiosis – Su Jun zhang and Lin Sheng zhe ) 編號29-流光濾曲.與海共生的海洋訪生學-版面 by 蘇俊璋 and 林聖哲

(The People’s Choice Award recognizes the efforts of a student or team who successfully received the most likes and support from their excellent design via social media exposure)

1st Prize Winner – Break Out of The Cocoon 破繭 –  Li Jia you 李家佑 and Chen Yu tong 陳昱彤

2nd Prize Winner – 編號29- Marine Symbiosis 流光濾曲.與海共生的海洋訪生學 – Su Jun zhang 蘇俊璋 and Lin Sheng zhe 林聖哲)

3rd Prize Winner – Topoverse – Yu Minyuan and Shen Xinnian 余旻垣 and 沈新念

We are thrilled to foster innovation and creativity in Taipei through the three phases of life – Learn, Earn, and Return. Our company constantly learns every day and is inspired by the vigor for design excellence demonstrated by the next generation of talented interior designers. Hosting the Student Design Excellence Awards also gives the Taipei office a chance to gain more insight into the way the field is evolving and changing with the times. All three of the finalist teams worked incredibly hard, showcasing amazing presentation skills and dedication to success. Besides the monetary aspect of the Award, earning a chance to present to the partners at SL+A Taipei also offers a deep sense of recognition and appreciation from all of the participants, judges and coordinators. Ultimately, the “Return” phase of life means giving back to the next generation and providing an amazing platform for students of design to find their passion and an outlet for their creative imagination. With decades of experience and 50 years in the interior design business, we hope to provide a real-life perspective on what is ahead for all aspiring designers and continue to cultivate a keen eye for creative solutions.