By leveraging technological innovations to enhance everyday life, BYD (Build Your Dreams) has rapidly expanded operations into six continents and significantly impacted industries related to electronics, automotive, rail and renewable energy. We are delighted to share the details behind the new BYD Car Showroom located in the Sai Kung district of Hong Kong. SL+A made it a priority for this captivating showroom to be a welcoming and calm respite near the serene eastern shores of the region. The design concept of this space was crafted to inspire the millennial generation – the first in recent history to reach adulthood in a new millennium, growing up with technological advances of the Internet and evolution of global reach. With a vibrant focus on lifestyle integration, collaboration, branding elements, and a unique camping concept, we invite you to embark on a remarkable journey where innovation meets the coastal allure of Sai Kung.

“Seaside Escape: Embracing Millennial Lifestyle at the BYD Car Showroom” is an attention-grabbing concept that brings together the aspirations and desires of the millennial generation. Since forming in February 1995, BYD brings nearly 30 years of innovation, big ideas and sustainability efforts to the forefront, and is now taking the automotive industry by storm. It was only appropriate to equip this exciting company with an extraordinary space that seamlessly integrates branding elements and lifestyle-focused collaboration. The camping-inspired ambiance gives an additional element of wonder to create a showroom like no other.

The SL+A team proposed a showroom design that perfectly complements the dynamic and diverse lifestyles of millennials. Each display area was meticulously curated to showcase how BYD vehicles fit into every aspect of a demanding and busy lifestyle. From urban commuting to outdoor adventures; sustainable living to operating cutting-edge technology – we made sure that the many facets of the millennial lifestyle are celebrated and reflected back throughout the showroom. To embrace the nature of connection and collaboration, dedicated zones for hosting engaging workshops and lifestyle events were factored into the showroom design. These flexible spaces will catalyze people to come together, exchange ideas, and further fuel a deep passion for innovation.

As you explore the space, prepare to be enveloped in the iconic world of BYD – bold and vibrant branding elements work in unison to create a cohesive visual language that resonates with millennials. From the signature BYD colors to the distinctive logo, every detail was selected to reinforce the brand identity and leave an indelible mark from such an immersive experience. Our focus on the great outdoors led to this extraordinary camping-inspired ambiance that captivates the imagination. Reminiscent of a modern campsite, natural elements of warm wood finishes, concrete, and cozy furniture carries the observer to a world of adventure and freedom. This combination creates an unforgettable atmosphere that ignites the spirit of exploration.

Our goal was to have visitors depart from the space with a sense of wonder, feeling satisfied after their visit to BYD, where they saw first-hand a world where innovation, lifestyle, and adventure intertwine. We believe that BYD is securely in the “sweet spot” between design and technology, a company committed to igniting the millennial spirit and redefining the boundaries of automotive experiences.

Project Information

Design Manager : Jonathan Kim
Senior Designer : Inae Park, Kathleen Cheng
Designer : Soyeong Jung, Jaebin Lee, Kaiser Lau