The SL+A HOTELS Group has contributed to a very significant part of the Steven Leach history; at first as a separate division in the early 1990s focused solely on hospitality for the growing demand in Hong Kong, China, and Philippines. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the The SL+A HOTELS division flourished until Steven’s passing in 1996. We actively re-established hospitality design back into the Group’s bloodline in 2002, with operations led by the Shanghai team and finally SL+A HOTELS was totally rebranded in 2015.

Along with our new inspiring vision, our ultimate goal is to match the right people with the needs of our community and the world at large. We would like to take this opportunity to also welcome Victor Lee, Design Director of SL+A HOTELS and announce his recent move to China. Victor originally hails from Malaysia and has contributed to a staggering number of hospitality and corporate projects while he was based out of Malaysia and Singapore. Bringing Victor to Shanghai to embrace the full experience will streamline workflow and inject a new energy and exuberance to the office.

Victor says, “I have lived and worked in Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia in my professional career spanning 24 years; committed to excellence in design and have implemented designs and technical co-ordination of various project types -hospitality, residential, corporate offices, shopping malls, convention centres & exhibition halls. I am very fortunate to have the support, expertise and passion of such dedicated and influential leaders within SL+A.”