As of 2022, Steven Leach & Associates will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Over the years, we have continuously designed Places to Inspire. Recently, SL&A Hong Kong was honored to provide services for Pfizer Inc. and Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. In celebration of such a special year, SL&A Hong Kong participated in the Muse Design Awards. The MUSE Design Awards are part of the MUSE Awards Program, established by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015. The establishment of the IAA was based on a mission to respect, encourage and encourage creativity by creating outstanding new standards for assessing the production and distribution of media designs. MUSE Design Awards is an international competition for designers whose core artistry is transforming the paradigm. Her ingenuity and thorough work surprise others while redefining boundaries and scope like a muse.

We are beyond honoured to receive a Platinum Award and Gold Award for the Asahi Group and Pfizer  office, respectively. Aiming to establish a main hub for their business activities in Asia Pacific, the Asahi Group Hong Kong office is a brand-new Design and Build project that occupies a total of 5,047 square feet across the bustling metropolitan area in Hong Kong. The main design theme was to highlight Asahi Group’s strong branding identity across the office space. By incorporating detailed observations and approaches, this office design allowed concepts to be pushed and innovative design ideas to become a reality.

Pfizer Hong Kong office is in one of Hong Kong’s prime Central Business District, Quarry Bay, it is envisioned to be an exciting and inspiring space so that our client could continuously deliver innovative pharmaceutical solutions driven by science. Alongside the new logo, many of Pfizer’s core values are also integrated into the new office design to continuously inspire talent. In addition to deepening a sense of local community, unique local elements are subtly incorporated throughout the new office like Workstations, Phone Booths, Huddle Booth, and Quiet room.