Transglobe Insurance Headquarters

TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc., one of the largest insurance companies in Taiwan, was established in 1994 and employs more than 1,100 employees at present.

In February 2015, SL+A Taiwan was awarded the design of the new TransGlobe office, to be located in SongShan Taipei BOT building, and also won the construction bidding in April. The project involves the successful consolidation of over 1,000 staff from one entire building into another property comprised of 20,234 SM across 8 floors.


With fast growing business and the space constraints of their previous office, the CEO realized the need to relocate to a more collaborative and efficient work space, and he took decisive action. Through thoughtful collaboration with TransGlobe’s key leaders, SL+A set out to re-envision their workplace.


The project took approximately 9 months from concept design through construction completion. The interior design brings out TransGlobe’s personality spreading across 8 floors, each with distinct feeling. The new office space includes green balconies, recreational spaces, and concentrated working areas. These collaborative and flexible use areas enable all employees to work anywhere at any time. The challenge for this project was to deliver a quality result within a short time frame and to weave a strong and consistent brand identity through a HUGE space.

Collaborative areas across all departments maintain a clean and professional style, echoing one other, while blending with unique playful elements to differentiate between departments.”

By incorporating both formal and informal shared spaces, the design encourages balance between work and life. TransGlobe is able to make the most of these smart, flexible spaces, to increase organization with technology and foster easy interaction.

While the office interior offers a comfortable and spacious atmosphere for its users, the interior also aims to leave a confident and strong impression on its visitors. Gentle differences created in the whole interiors through small touches are designed to improve the energy and minimalist atmosphere at spaces.


The concept of “Humanity” is embedded into the interiors by various states; each floor not only follows the concept but also remain its own character, as well as to provide a brand new vision in the workplace.

The color palette follows TransGlobe’s own corporate identity, including 5 dynamic colors which inspired the design. Neighboring floors speak the same color rhythms,  playing color games while also maintaining their own identification.

LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors v3 – LEED 2009

In addition to completing the design and construction, Transglobe also employed SL+A to certify the tenant finish out under the LEED for Commercials Interiors rating system.


As the design, construction, and LEED consultant for the TransGlobe Office, Steven Leach worked internally to integrate sustainability concepts throughout the design. Further sustainability efforts include commissioning of building systems by our in-house Commissioning Agent (CxA) to ensure that the building systems work properly and meet the client’s needs, while also saving energy and money.

In order to minimize environmental impact from waste and provide financial savings, the LEED team worked together with design and construction managers to reuse existing lighting, furniture, and equipment whenever possible. This required a seamless utilization of new and old finishes to create the look and feel of a brand new and improved space, while preserving useful resources.

Project Information:

Location: Songshan Taipei BOT Building
Size: 20,234 SM
Services: Design and Build, LEED Consultant

Project Team:

Partner in Charge: Edward Pang, Vivian Chang
Project Director: Mao Wang, Michelle Jen
Designers: Amy Haung, Kevin Chung, Abby Chang, Penny Chen, Akira Liao, Yvonne Hsieh
MEP Consultants: Simon Sue, Fay Chao, Jamie Lee, Brady Chuang
Material Designer: Miu Lin, Winnie Chen
Graphic Designer: Ricky Ching, Huan Tu
Construction: John Chen, Ricky Lee, Wei-Ting, Kuo, Harry Tsai, Andrew Cheng, Jack Chou

LEED Team:

Director: Simon Sue
Project Managers: Jason Wang, Lizzie Gerock
Assistant Designer: Leo Wang
Engineer: David Wu