Photobook Worldwide: Paving the Way Towards New Horizons

Photobook Worldwide is committed to “making moments matter” by helping customers transform treasured moments into extraordinary memories. Established in 2005, Photobook started in Malaysia and has expanded their offices to Canada, Australia and the Philippines to cater to an ever-growing demand across more than 100 countries. With production of over 150,000 photobooks each month and a wide array of items in their product range, it was important for the design and build of Photobook’s new Kuala Lumpur headquarters to represent the burning passion of this ambitious ecommerce company.

The initial design brief focused on incorporating elements of fun and creativity into a dynamic office that brings people together. A fundamental concept advocated by both the founder and the CEO was to prioritize the satisfaction of employees and customers alike. Thus, the Steven Leach Group office in Kuala Lumpur was appointed to design an office that would accommodate and nurture the unique corporate culture at Photobook, while supporting the mandate of overall wellness.

Well-versed in corporate office fit-outs, the Steven Leach Group strongly supports functional workspaces and stands behind the belief that creating a sense of community and pride within a workforce can result in a fostered sense of belonging, making it feel good to be at work. Completed in 2017, the 13,000 square feet space takes on a considerably modern and exciting atmosphere that matches the high energy of the young, professional and highly-driven team at Photobook. The Steven Leach Group Kuala Lumpur design team built a space that strategically boosts creativity, promotes collaboration and encourages play. The eclectic finishes and interesting textures reflect the layered multiplicity of experiences of the individuals touched by Photobook, narrating the greatest stories of life through beautifully designed photo products.

Photobook offers personalization options and superior craftsmanship for canvas prints, greeting cards, photo prints and more. Yet, sometimes seeing, touching and holding the items is necessary. The Steven Leach Group Kuala Lumpur team came up with a great way to showcase physical products via an in-house Product Display Area. This dedicated space is near the front entrance, next to the Photobook café and is custom lit to perfectly highlight each feature. The open-concept café can house more than 58 people and includes a mini stage for performances that bolster creative expression. Cool-toned wood stains were utilized to decorate accent walls and ceilings, yielding a playful take on the natural colors selected for the floors, carpeting and wooden paneling found throughout the office. Common spaces are inclusive and invites Photobook employees to break up the monotony of the workday by embracing play and imagination, helping to reinforce and promote the ‘work hard-play hard’ mentality.

In the boom of twenty-first century businesses with global reach, it is vital to incorporate flexibility, function and fun into the environment but still maintain a space that is conducive for work. We were pleased to offer Photobook Worldwide several creative and unique options for conference rooms, co-working areas and social spaces. The value of direct interaction and adding pure joy into the workday allows for growth and success in a highly competitive sector.

Project Information

  • Lead Interior Designer: Norsarawati Shaib
  • Project Manager: Eric Loke
  • Supporting Interior Designer: Mohd Ikhwan
  • Studio Director: Dylan Tham