Citrix Systems— Innovation in Nanjing

Citrix Systems, a global client and leader in innovation amongst technology enterprises partnered up with SL+A to design a new office reflective of their industry status. Located in the Jiangning District of Nanjing,the Citrix Systems China R&D Technical Support Center is designed with a fresh, new concept.


Through effective design developments and innovative construction techniques, we were able to provide Citrix with a comfortable, innovation encouraging and environmentally friendly office space.

Innovation comes from effective communication. As such, the design facilitates a higher level of connectivity between staff.

All areas are geared towards enabling exchanges of ideas and nurturing creativity with centralized hubs on the ground and second floors.”




In order to maximize space efficiency, transformable spaces were designed, allowing for use of all areas throughout the working day. Larger areas such as the staff lounge and training rooms were designed to be divided with operable glass partitions, to facilitate mixed use by smaller groups when the main facilities are not used.

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Research shows that a vast percentage of the population operates in 3 spaces: our First Space (our home), our Second Space (our workplace) and our Third Space (social surroundings such as cafés, parks or clubs that separate the two usual environments we find ourselves in). Creativity blossoms in the latter as we find ourselves comfortable with our surroundings and able to express ourselves freely. By creating a space staff would see as a combination of the second and third space, we are able to help them overcome inhibitions usually associated with the workplace and allow them to unleash their creative ideas in a space they feel it is safe to do so.


This fusion of the second and third space is complemented by an effective selection of materials. Exposed mass concrete, brick, wood and metal finishes combine to give a warm, nostalgic yet natural feeling to the space. These finishes are complemented by green accent walls and colorful loose furniture injecting energy for sustained efficiency.

Sustainability leads to continuous progress. With solar panels installed on the roof top of the building supplying power to lighting, electrical and automatic water systems, savings on building running costs can be made. Complemented with other sustainable elements such as an operable façade section on the ground floor allowing natural ventilation into the café,

the new Citrix space is not only new, fresh and creativity inspiring, it’s taking strong steps to be sustainable.”

Project Name: Citrix Systems, Nanjing Office Project

Size: 20,000 m2

Location: Block C3, Jiulonghu International Corporate Headquarters
Jiangning District of Nanjing City, China

Services Provided: Interior Design, Landscaping and Signage

Project Team: Jonathan Kim, JS Cho, Jasmine Sing, Jason Wang