SEEK Asia – An Office That Is as Unique as the Team

The interconnectivity of the world and the dazzling array of job opportunities available is easily navigated with the help of SEEK Asia, part of the SEEK Group, which combines two established job portal brands – jobsDB and JobStreet under one roof. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SEEK Asia helps improve the lives of millions across Asia through comprehensive employment platforms.

SEEK Asia is a market leader and is also paving the way as an innovator for success within the workplace. The task was to create an office environment that improves efficiency, communication and the wellness of their employees’ – to make the office a space to eat, play, unwind and reflect. The SL+A team in Kuala Lumpur met the challenge posed by SEEK Asia to design an office that could accommodate further growth, with easily configurable spaces and furniture to usher in the bright future ahead. Locally based construction services company ISG provided the fit-out for the 60,000 sqft office area, bringing the designs to life across four floors to accommodate more than 400 employees.

The key element behind the new office space was to offer the employees’ a work-life balance and a healthy work environment by enabling flexibility in the office. The open office concept promotes collaboration, easy communication and fosters effective discussion in big or small groups. The office boasts a variety of meeting spaces, from collaboration areas and tech savvy meeting rooms to designated workstations and quiet & focus zones. Encouraging communication was paramount, with brainstorming walls, hot-desk choices and allowing collaboration between various teams. The strong identity and culture of the company can be seen through the design of the office, which is open, intelligent, fostering creativity and engagement so the employees can aim high, collaborate and innovate. Radiating fun and flexibility, the office is not just an office but their second-home.

To take care of the wellbeing of their employees’, the SL+A designers incorporated de-stress rooms and calm areas to provide a sense of peace while pool tables and swinging hammocks were added to foster playful energy and camaraderie across teams.

In line with SEEK Asia’s core values, employees’ were challenged to participate in a competition where their submissions would be voted on to be incorporated into the final design of the office. This friendly competition provided a renewed sense of belonging and ownership, stemming from employee empowerment and autonomy in the office. The result was a special, unique and interesting thematic design on each of the four floors – all with a different aesthetic. The overall feeling captured is an office that is warm, lively, inviting and an excellent place for productive and happy employees. This partnership between SL+A Kuala Lumpur, ISG and SEEK Asia has yielded a modern, upbeat and robust working environment that clearly resonates with the core values of helping people work with purpose while living a fulfilling and interesting life. The KL office of SEEK Asia inspires transformational success and brings people together through passion and shared experiences.

Project Information

  • Project Name:  SEEK Asia KL Office
  • Size:  Standard: 60,000 sqft
  • Location:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Services Provided:  Design and build
  • Project Team Name:
    Cindy Ho – Lead Interior Designer
    Eric Loke – Project Manager
    Nazrina – Supporting Interior Designer
    Dylan Tham – Studio Director
  • Photographer: Shea Studio