CentralFestival EastVille — Bangkok, Thailand

The new CentralFestival EastVille, located to the east of Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok marks the latest in a long line of successful collaborative interior design projects between SL+A and the CPN Group. Conveniently located on the Ramintra expressway, the mega retail project provides a suburban hub for shopping, eating and recreation. Originally conceptualized as a retail outlet infused with green space to create a link with nature in the urban jungle of east Bangkok, the developed design provides much more. Described as a true lifestyle mall, CentralFestival EastVille offers the “Sky Run” a rooftop running track for early risers (opening at 6am) along with a “Pet Park” for animal lovers to spend time with their pets. The development also offers bicycle parking, one of only a handful of retail outlets in Bangkok to do so.

center1 L4

Abstracting from for New York’s East Village, CentralFestival EastVille provides a wide variety of bespoke eateries, bars and modern galleries for use. Marking a departure from the tradition understanding of shopping mall in Thailand, CentralFestival EastVille offers both indoor and outdoor areas allowing shoppers to explore the green space, a rare commodity in Bangkok.

With a neon yellow 9m tall giraffe sculpture as the focal point of the mall, the design also signifies a departure from the traditional materials and decorative elements used in shopping mall construction.”


SL+A’s more refined take on the traditional industrial look of brick, exposed ceiling and timber in the common area design add a uniqueness to the “shopping mall” concept not previously seen in Thailand. Balancing a distinctive shopfront design with the land- scape design of LAB (Landscape Architects of Bangkok), CentralFestival EastVille gives the shopper a unique experience unrivaled in the rest of the metropolis.

More specifically, the mini anchor areas, a developing specialty of SL+A, draw inspiration from other aspects and bring them to life with equal ease and finesse. Inspired by the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, the Food Park and its surrounding areas add a Thai infused Asian interpretation of the popular Madrid attraction making it culturally relevant.

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The design of Fashion Plus also departs from the typical design seen within Central Shopping Malls of old providing a better utilization of space in the form of a corridor from the outdoor to the indoor portion of the mall. This increases prime retail space available and offers more exposure to shoppers.

SL+A’s design of decorative features also creates an aura of uniqueness to CentralFestival Eastville, inspired by a variety of aspects of life, SL+A incorporates wooden pendant features with various pieces of more refined graffiti in lifts and lobbies, to lace patterns integrated into perforated metal sheets, the bar has been raised in future mall design in Bangkok.


Interior Design:
SL+A Bangkok • Donal Coyne www.sla-bangkok.com

Design Team:
Totsapon Wibunsin • Julie Limsnukan Supawat Pongkha • Nantawan Inchan

14,200 m2
Common Areas

1,000 m2
Food Park

300 m2

500 m2
Fashion Plus