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“Passionately delivering excellence in all aspects of hospitality design.”

The Steven Leach Group is proud to announce the official re-brand of the SL+A Hotels Group. Steven J Leach Jr + Associates was established in Hong Kong in 1972, and Steven formed the SL+A Hotels Group in the late 1980’s as a separate division to focus on Hospitality for the growing demand in HK, China, and Philippines. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Division flourished until Steven’s passing in 1997.

SL+A Hotels portfolio include hotels, service apartments, resorts, golf clubs, country clubs, city clubs, high end residential, show villas and apartments, restaurants, luxury brand retail, shopping malls, zoos, project management, sustainable design, and graphic design.


The Director SL+A Hotels Group actively participated in establishing a hotel design group in Shanghai in 2002. Since that date our SLA Shanghai office has focused almost exclusively on the hospitality sector, completing or working on over 30 hotels along with a variety of hospitality related projects in China and Taiwan.

SL+A Sustainable Design Division has over 25 LEED certified projects with as many under process. Many of SL+A Hotels projects are seeking LEED certification, or being designed to LEED Standards. SLA Sustainable Design Division is writing ‘green’ guidelines for major hotel management companies in China, conducting sustainable design analysis, and providing Sustainable Design Planning for large facilities such as the new Bucharest BioParc Zoo in Romania.

With this strength and knowledge the SLA Group has decided to formally re-brand to SL+A Hotels and to expand capabilities to all offices within the Group.

The key people behind the re-launch of SL+A HOTELS are David Pipkin, Edward Pang, Donal Coyne, Sunny Wang, Betty Hsieh, Sharon Yeoh, Mao Wang, and Vivian Chang to name a few of the many long- serving individuals in the Steven Leach Group. This re-brand cements our focus & commitment to the hospitality design world and keeps in alignment with our Mission of ‘passionately delivering excellence in all aspects of hospitality design’.

SL+A Hotels is a Division of The Steven Leach Group who has 7 offices and 250 professionals in the Asia region. Today the SL+A Hotels Division has over 40 professionals in the SLA Shanghai office, 40 professionals in Bangkok and a new but flourishing group of 10 professionals in Taipei. SL+A Hotels expects to expand into Singapore, Manila, and Seoul in the coming 18 months.

While over 50% of hospitality work has been in Mainland China we have hospitality projects in multiple

A Holiday Inn Hongqiao

The Holiday Inn Hongqiao is the latest in a chain of successful collaborative projects with the Intercontinental Hotel Group.

The Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao enjoys the best of both old and new worlds. Located near the ancient town, now a known tourism destination for it’s conserved architecture and adjacent to an ultra modern facility of Shanghai Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub —connecting Shanghai with the rest of the country and the world.


This is a 361-guestroom hotel and SL+A’s design vision of the Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao is a melting pot of its surroundings.

Spaces within the hotel are tailored to embrace a sense of tradition and a balance of cultural vibrancy and modern calmness.

Entering the Ground Floor Lobby, the client brief was to emphasize spaciousness. SL+A visualized the integration of the outdoor garden into the lobby, designing delicate crystal glass butterflies sweeping across the reception marble backdrop. The depiction of an outdoor pavilion is created at the Lobby Lounge area highlighted with an eye catching crystal chandelier.

In both the All-Day Dining and Chinese restaurants, SL+A kept to the element of calmness with the colour palette and neat lines flowing through these spaces. The elegance of herringbone floor pattern is carried through using grey wood grain marble and timber respectively.


Traditional elements in the form of latticework are precisely used as partitions in the Chinese restaurant and in keeping with the balance of old and new, SL+A’s focus for the VIP private dining rooms are kept lavishly modern.

SL+A’s design for the grand ballroom is vibrant, tapping into a time of celebration with the bright side of warmer tones. The contrast from the vivacious carpet is the lightness of flower petal designed chandeliers harmonizing this opulent grand ballroom space.

The Holiday Inn Honqiao lends itself to a balance of colour, form and textures. The guestroom floors follow through the natural hues and highlights. Guestroom lift landing areas combine creamy beige marble with mirror polished and etched copper for lift doors and frames.

The rooms emotionalize a section of the rooftop outline of the ancient town across the headboard on silk. Natural earth tones maintain the colour palette throughout all room types. The bathroom is completed with creamy beige marble and neat architecture lines – a space to wind down and hues that soothe the senses.

Somerset Suzhou

Suzhou, a city west of Shanghai in the province of Jiangsu is known for its classical gardens, canals and bridges. SL+A Hotels worked with Ascott to design the new Somerset Serviced Apartments, a home away from home for visitors and guests.

There is no place like home’ – this defines the Somerset brand where they offer an environment of home away from home.


SL+A used the elements of modern, traditional, fun and friendly details into their design. This property, located in the very successful China-Singapore Industrial Park.   One of China’s fastest-growing development zones with the most international competitive edge. This industrial park is also a traffic hub, accessible from Shanghai, Nanjing & Beijing.

The Client requested that the design includes legendary Suzhou garden elements of the water town, gardens, architecture, ceramics and silk hand embroidery. SL+A embraced these points and went on a creative journey with the Client.

At the Lobby, guests will be greeted with a grand hand painted piece of artwork crafting out the traditional roof tiles and architecture utilizing oil & acrylic paints and wood carvings adding a 3 dimensional outcome.


The seating area with a fireplace, feature bookshelf and comfortable sofas are successfully integrated creating the desired welcoming ambience.  Colours are generally warm soothing tones with colour pops in the upholstery.

The All-Day Dining area follows the same warm hues with timber flooring in the dining area with an of beige marble at the buffet area. The space includes hints of retro inspired designs in the ceiling with round square patterns and retro design chairs rendering the space with a sense of quirky charm.
The meeting rooms and recreational areas are not lacking of any of the characteristics SL+A conceptualized for the design of this project.


The indoor swimming pool has a strong interior architecture design detail in the ceiling. This is perfectly balanced with organic shaped deck chairs infusing this recreational space with even more fun.

The gymnasium is bright with vibrant colours to visually excite the mind for a workout. As this brand has caters to all ages, SL+A designed a fun-filled children playroom for children staying at the residence to engage their minds with games and exert their energy in play.

Somerset Residences offer guests various choices of residence type from Studio, 1 Bedroom to a 4-Bedroom unit for the family.

The design includes legendary Suzhou garden elements of the water town, gardens,  architecture, ceramics and silk hand embroidery.

Consistency of warm colour tones is maintained throughout using the combination of timber and marble flooring. Hints of retro are also introduced to the living space as with public areas.
All units come fitted with stainless steel kitchen equipment.

SL+A embraced the concept of coming ‘home’ to Somerset Serviced Residence and transformed this property into a place where either a single traveller or a family with young children can enjoy.

SL+A Hotels

Services Provided:
Interior Design
Art + Accessory Consultant

Design Team:
Betty Hsieh • Amy Zhou • Jia Hong • Eason Chen • Ken Wang

Visual Art:
Wei Wei Lin

FFE Team:
Yvonne, Lee Li