A ‘Heartful’ Project

Located in the midst of the modern-day hub of commercial and administrative development, it was essential to refresh the existing office space of a Pharmaceutical company to reflect an environment that could inspire collaboration and support the company’s important work of improving access to healthcare and high-quality medications.

To plan and execute an interior design and full refurbishment of the considerable 11,140 square meter space, the team at SL+A Japan was the best choice to bring the ‘HEART Project’ to life. The plan was to update and overhaul all 5 floors of offices and workspaces for the Pharmaceutical company to change the main workspace from fixed desks to an activity-based workspace (ABW) and to also exponentially increase the number of collaborative areas available. More efficient lighting and the creation of a bright and naturally lit office was a top priority in this project.

Completed in May 2017, the SL+A team focused on workplace strategy and design to create an open and collaborative office that allowed for the free flow of communication between departments and individuals. The architectural design elements were purposeful to build an integrative environment that offered multiple workstations, open team work areas, quiet areas and meeting rooms of varying sizes which could simultaneously accommodate large or small groups. In addition, the previously outdated reception area was completely remodelled, resulting in an open and welcoming space, allowing for more natural light to filter in from the large windows. Modern colours that echo the branding of the company were selected to adorn and complement the alternating stone, wood, and tile flooring. Muted colours helped to ground the large space and assemble the different elements into a cohesive whole.

Wide windows and clear glass partitions with unique designs modernized the look of the office, and conference rooms were each equipped with space-saving screens and overhead projectors. Additional seating and work spaces were created via window bench seating in conference areas and more private work pods were specially designed to allow for incredible views of the Tokyo metropolitan skyline. The previous dining and refreshment area was expanded to feature a café as a focal point to the delight of employees looking to gather and socialize while taking a short break from the day’s tasks. The designers were in tune with the work habits and preferences of the pharmaceutical company team, and felt it was vital to make this space a comfortable and fun area to enjoy breaks and lunch time that could still advance collaboration between co-workers and serve as additional individual workspots. Not one to overlook a single detail, the SL+A team took the opportunity to equip the “Work Café” with multi-functional, movable furniture and a full AV system that can be used for town-hall type meetings or casual afterhours parties.

The hard work of the entire SL+A team with the staff at the pharmaceutical company resulted in a beautiful and efficient office space that can bring the company and its employees into a new era of discovery and breakthroughs. The focus areas interspersed throughout the office combined with the multitude of co-working areas offers many options for meeting deadlines and delivering lasting results. These improvements all help to advance the performance of the company and allows the company to continue their true purpose of empowering life in the areas of medical and pharmaceutical innovation.

Project Information

  • Project Name:  The HEART Project
  • Size:  11,140 SQM (5 floors)
  • Location:  Tokyo, Japan
  • Services Provided:   Interior Design
  • Project Team Name:  Noriko Kitamura, Ikuko Hoshi, Yuta Yamaki
  • Photo by:  Masaya Yoshimura (Copist)