So-net InMotion

After more than fifteen years of operation in Taiwan, the time was right for So-net to revitalize the existing office space located in the Nangang District of Taipei. As a consolidated subsidiary of the Japanese information technology company Sony Inc., So-net Entertainment Taiwan is an internet service provider that offers broadband, mobile game, licensing, and corporate business solutions. The vision and mission of the parent company Sony is to “create and provide new values”, this ideology strongly resonated with So-net employees and administrators who wanted to design an exciting and inspiring work environment that celebrates diversity and creativity.

The main task presented to the SL+A team was to re-design a total of 1,917 square meters of office space for more than 180 employees. The challenge was to merge two distinct work areas separated by building geography to create a seamless integration of workspaces. This aim to provide the So-net Taiwan team with comfortable and multifunctional spaces was essential to allow each team within the dynamically networked company to co-exist in ONE space while working on a multitude of projects with various collaborators.

The design concept of “So-net InMotion” aligns with the corporate identity of a strong, diverse, and creative company that is at the forefront of the IT community.”

Along with pops of bright color grounded by the neutral palette and natural wood finishes, inspiring quotes can be found throughout the office, encouraging creativity and promoting excellence through collaboration.

Several open-concept breakout areas help to cultivate the practice of sharing new ideas and urges teams to work together to solve challenges. As a special feature, the designated cafeteria area incorporates a highly adaptable and easily convertible layout that can be manually altered to suit the demands of larger events held in the office. The new office space reflects a desire to move forward by melding together fun and function with technology. The reception area, conference room, cafeteria, individual workstations and small meeting rooms enable So-net to work towards the ultimate goal of better serving their customers and help add value to the community. Extending past the dynamic design elements, the SL+A team employed many inventive methods to re-imagine and re-purpose spaces that are normally overlooked in office design. The ingenuity of transforming unused space in a resourceful manner also encourages employees to work away from their private desk areas and results in healthy interaction and communication between co-workers.

This project features cost effective design and build techniques, multifunctional spaces, and the use of durable materials and finishes — all of these components reflect the underlying values of innovation and creativity that So-net Entertainment Taiwan holds in high esteem. By promoting strong corporate identity throughout the office, utilizing ample natural daylight and providing ergonomic workspaces, we continue to support our clients in their pursuit of inspiration, environmental protection and good health.


Project Information

  • Project Name:  So-net Taipei Office
  • Size:  1,917m2/Headcount 187
  • Location:  Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Services Provided:  Design & Build

Design and Build

  • Partner in Charge: Peter Young
  • Project Director: Michelle Jen
  • Design Team: Abby Chang, Ricky Ching, Miu Lin
  • Site Supervisor: Kevin Chen

Air Flush Out

  • Account Manager: Paul Chu