Volvo’s new Yongsan Showroom

Location : Seoul, South Korea | Function : Showroom | Area : 235 m2

A delicate balance of contrasts • Contemporary luxury experience • Strength in every sense • Created around people

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Branding expression ‘Scandinavian luxury cars that understand people’ is based on the outstanding design quality, customer experience and driving dynamics. Most importantly, everything is designed and focused around the customers. Thus need to understand what people need and what they desire, how to respond through products and experience that are more human-centric. This sentiment is at the heart of Volvo’s Dealership design, supporting the ambition to do what matters the most to the customers.

The entire Volvo Retail Experience concept is based on contrasts; open versus closed, warm versus cold.”


The distinctive, ‘cool’ new exterior design will create the right first impression of a luxury brand and set Volvo apart from their competition and accepted automotive approach.

The interior design is more ‘warm’ and inviting, a comfortable and well-equipped living room, and a more enticing and engaging Showroom that showcases products. All these features will provide the right environment in which to deliver a more appropriate and valuable customer experience that fully supports Volvo’s new brand direction.


Interior Design:
SL+A Seoul • Jonathan Kim

Design Team:
JC Park • Jihye Park


Jaguar Land Rover’s Incheon Showroom

Location : Incheon, South Korea | Function : Showroom | Area : 803 m2

When Jaguar Land Rover started re-designing their retail corporate identity, they knew that they had to create an environment as distinctive and confident as their new products. It is important that the same level of innovation in their new product designs is reflected in the look and feel of their retail facilities. Jaguar Land Rover’s customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and in response Jaguar Land Rover has created a new retail corporate identity that communicates this same level of sophistication and assured good taste.

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The brief was to create an environment that is thoroughly timeless, modern and contemporary; something that is never over-designed but inviting and allowing customers to engage with the products on display. Both brands must be able to complement each other as they co-exist in one building, while allowing each vehicle to be a hero.

Unashamedly hi-tech, slick and professional.”

The building architecture, with its horizontal design philosophy, communicates a feeling of confidence. The Jaguar Land Rover Sunshine Grey wall covering (cladding) and the Champagne Silver corner (chamfer) finishes create a feeling of warmth and sophistication that distinguishes Jaguar Land Rover from other premium manufacturers. The slim window profile engages consumers as they approach the building and the window edges are there to further focus their view on to the products inside the showroom. The simple frameless planar showroom window glazing is a modernist design cue that elegantly connects the outside space to the interior showroom.


The basic building has been designed to be extremely sustainable and retailers can further upgrade their facilities to advance their sustainability standard. Cues to the Britishness of the Jaguar Land Rover brand are incorporated throughout the showroom, as detailed in the main body of the new corporate identity manual.

Once inside the showroom, it’s all about opening the space up. The showroom allows each vehicle to be the most important thing in it. The vehicles have space to breathe and they are lit to accentuate the personality of their designs. The blade lighting inside the showroom window is a very important feature to achieve this; the light units have to look light, minimal, and not distract the customer’s view of the vehicles whilst lighting the vehicles perfectly.


Jaguar Land Rover considered many different materials for the furniture elements and chose walnut as a primary component. A beautiful, natural material, combined with the modernity of the lighter finishes, makes the showroom interior feel fresh and luxurious. The showroom elements are modular making installation and future proofing for further initiatives very flexible.

The service area is unashamedly hi-tech, slick and professional.

Jaguar Land Rover wants its retail partners to be proud of their facilities, to feel they’ve got something special; but most importantly – to enjoy working in their showrooms.

Interior Design:
SL+A Seoul • Jonathan Kim

Design Team:
Hyunjoon Jang • Jimin Choi • Yongsun Choi


Porsche Center, Ilsan Showroom

Location : Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea Function : Showroom | Area : 760 m2

In a continued creative partnership with Porsche, the opportunity was provided to help contribute to a strong branding with an optimized showroom concept. The design brief was to establish an exclusive, brand adequate environment to enhance the customer experience. An increase in brightness within the showroom along with a design for enhanced comfort combined to optimize the customer experience whilst maintaining usage privacy.

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Working within the existing parameters, there was no change in fundamental form, function or building materials with the exception of carpeting and partitions. Functional requirements remained constant translating into a perfect blend of old and new concepts to create a new, substantially different space.


The conceptual idea generated with global feasibility in mind, remains flexible for implementation in various center sizes. Particular to the Ilsan center, cultural customization has taken into consideration different user requirements allowing for specialized local adoption.


With “form follows function” as the central theme behind the concept, an affordable, timeless design was created to complement future developments within the Porsche brand.”

Interior Design:
SL+A Seoul • Jonathan Kim

Design Team:
Sung Ah Jung, Minjung Ryu