AIA Life in Seoul relocated to a new building. The old space did not reflect the modern brand of AIA. The design vision is to convey AIA’s history since the 90s and its familiarity with the local market. The diagonal lines in the ceiling and meeting rooms reflect a modern look, and the wooden panel created a friendly image.

The customer center is located on the ground floor with staircase leading to the basement. Strong brand visuals are used to convey their brand identity. A lot of wooden materials are used to create a friendly environment, like a cabin in a forest. The space is created for customers to relax and focus, unlike a typical insurance sales office.


On the upper floors where the office space is located, the open office replaced the traditional private offices so that more meeting rooms and collaborative space are available. The meeting rooms are located in the reception area, including a lounge and various sizes of meeting rooms.

Staff can now sit in the breakout area to brainstorm. The lounge on the 24th floor can be used for special events, like a town hall meeting. The boardroom has folding doors so that they can open up to accommodate a large size of audience.

Again, wooden beams are used in the design in order to convey a feel of nature. Soft lighting is used to create a warm and comfortable environment.”


The work areas have different workstation setup so that staff can work comfortably according to their job nature. Meeting rooms also follow the design of diagonal lines, red carpet and AIA’s brand materials in order to reflect an energetic workspace. There are private rooms to use Internet as well as women-only room for nursing.