This past November, our SL+A Shanghai office had the honour of accepting the ‘Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) Grand Award’ for the creativity, quality and overall execution of the extensive refurbishment project commissioned by the InterContinental Hotels Group. In addition, the evening festivities also commemorated a major milestone for the entire Steven Leach team; SL+A was recognized by fellow architects, designers and industry leaders for securing the title of ‘Most Awards Won’ throughout a decade of APDC competitions.

Since inception, APDC has closely aligned with the International Council of Design (ico-D) and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) to unite architects and designers from around the world. As an organization, the APDC focuses on serving creatives through resource sharing, strengthening trans-regional cooperation and exchanges, and spreading ‘green’ building concepts that help to improve quality of life. The APDC International Design Exchange Center strives to add value to the industry and recognizes excellence and professionalism at the highest levels in Design and Architecture.

Each year, outstanding candidates are invited to share their projects and design accomplishments with peers and advocates, culminating in the annual APDC Awards for Elite Ceremony. The core concept of the event was to “Celebrate Creativity” and applaud the creative merits of those who play a key role in urban construction, economic prosperity and supporting social well-being. Awards were given out to a wide range of projects acknowledging residential, commercial and industry class initiatives. Judges carefully evaluated entrants grouped into three major categories from Architecture, Landscape and Interior designs. A special class of ‘Student Awards’ were also presented to provide encouragement for up and coming young talent that is bound to impact the industry in a meaningful way in the years to come.

To represent SL+A during the 2019 APDC Award Ceremony, both Sunny Wang (Managing Director of the Shanghai office) and Betty Hsieh (Shanghai Design Director) were on hand to receive awards during the ceremony. Attendees took time to discuss and share thought-provoking ideas at the forefront of architecture and design with colleagues from prominent institutions located within regions such as Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Successfully implementing award-winning design ideas and architectural projects is only possible with the creativity, ingenuity and determined focus of the teams within each of our SL+A offices. We continue to strive for excellence by bringing a fresh perspective unique to each client, while offering creative solutions and effecting sustainable practices for a new era of development and design.