The SL+A Kuala Lumpur team partnered with FITCH Singapore to bring Microsoft’s vision of an innovation-led, cloud first, artificial intelligence focused workspace to life. Microsoft believes that their new Asia Pacific Headquarters will serve as a blueprint to help organizations adopt the culture, physical spaces and technologies for a future-ready workplace.

Launched in November 2019, this engaging, immersive and singularly brand-led office is meant to generate value and promote collaboration. SL+A and FITCH designed the space using the rules of retail – to be a flagship space for Microsoft in the Asia Pacific region. The office is spread across 12,500 sq. meters and occupies six floors of the Frasers Towers in Singapore. We worked to bring 1,400 people together in an environment that allows the digital and physical worlds to exist in harmony.

The first Microsoft office outside of the US to implement Smart Building CampusLink, advanced artificial intelligence enabled technology allows frictionless access and maintains heightened security for personnel to move freely. The seamless IT integration manages real-time bookings to efficiently distribute facilities and manage inventory/equipment requests. Everyone played a crucial role in the design of the new workspace – our teams brought in furniture, local artwork and Peranakan-inspired interior design elements that were voted on by Microsoft employees.

To create an inclusive and welcoming space, a large communal dining area and a wide variety of food options are available. Multiple seating styles cater to different ways of working, from standing desks and huddle rooms, to open collaborative team spaces. Dedicated quiet corners for focused work, private phone booths and various conference rooms help maximize productivity. All meeting rooms and common-use spaces have identifiers in Braille and are wheelchair accessible. Gender neutral bathrooms and inclusivity spaces have reinforced Microsoft’s commitment to provide a workplace where everyone can feel safe in being their authentic selves.

In addition to the office space, Microsoft challenged the design teams to integrate an interactive demonstration area for The Experience Center Asia. The four areas of the center include: The Experience Zone, The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), The Cybersecurity Center and The Innovation Factory. Each of these areas showcases what Microsoft does best – bringing a confluence of technology and partnership, to empower every organization in every industry to digitalize, disrupt, innovate and transform. With these distinct goals in mind, this large portfolio of services and products are made available to boost business for companies based in the APAC.

Andrea Della Mattea, President for Microsoft in Asia Pacific summarizes the possibilities their new space brings like this: “Our new regional headquarters is a representation of future workplaces. We provide organizations in the region with a real, working model of what the future of work looks like, based on a foundation of cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence and a culture of transformation. I’m excited about going into the office, where our colleagues reinforce our mission every single day by creating a culture of safety, wellness, sustainability, accessibility and comradery.”

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