The automotive industry is on the cusp of a pivotal moment with the rapid pace of global driven digitalization. The strategy adopted by Porsche Korea Ltd. was designed to strengthen nationwide services while enhancing customer accessibility. Our driving force is not only to transform the experience of purchasing a vehicle, but to ensure that the progress and intimacy between Porsche and the customer is well established prior to their in-person visit to the showroom. The spotlight tends to be on providing an agile system for the best customer service, rather than to heavily promote retail

The fundamental objective of Porsche is to bring to the world much more than a high performance sportscar; the focus is to exude a feeling and attitude which has led them to develop the extraordinary “Destination Guideline” philosophy. First introduced to provide an innovative and inspiring experience, it now serves to achieve value-generating growth through 2025. SL+A Seoul was fortunate to be involved in creating the first Destination Porsche concept showroom in the upscale Suwon District. With a total gross area of 2,583 square meters, the facility provides two levels featuring the stunning showroom and also the workshop.

Upon arrival, we are greeted with the sleek and immediately identifiable curves of Porsche translated into the impressive showroom. Natural light from multiple skylights provides brightness in tandem with custom LED light fixtures placed strategically to highlight the impressive workmanship of each model, make and specialty part that Porsche is famous for. The all-white interior is accented with floor to ceiling glass panes that invites visitors in to come and take a closer look. With a modular concept as the foundation of the layout, SL+A was able to mimic a city-like space with each module representing the buildings while spaces in between serve as side streets to make the large space easy to navigate.


The design specifications are in line with the overall look and feel of other Destination Porsche locations around the world. With each module representing different zones, visitors can travel through different programs experiencing distinct environments addressing the needs and wants of the viewers. A walkable race way and side streets gives the feeling of traveling through the city of Porsche. The announcement of the Porsche Suwon Centre attracted a lot of media attention – with many praising the concept of an automotive retail space that focused on harmonizing customer experience, vehicle and space.

SL+A Seoul and Porsche will continue to develop and create powerful automotive retail spaces and together we can shape the future of the sportscar that blends the long-standing quality of Porsche with innovative technologies and ensuring sustainability.

Project Information

Jonathan Kim – Managing Director
Donnie Yoon – Team Leader
Haneul Park – Design Manager