Located in Jing’an District in downtown Shanghai, visitors will surely enjoy the amenities and opulence of the newly transformed Novotel Shanghai JingAn designed by SL+A HOTELS. With its superb location guests are free to explore the renowned landmarks, historic sites, tasty treats and experience the innovative modern vitality of a city steeped in Chinese culture. Shanghai has become a notorious hotspot for fashion, art and design.

With a history spanning thousands of years, the districts of Shanghai are a constant mosaic of different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. The influences of old French architecture in Shanghai and the Accor Group, a French company gave our design team the confidence to fuse together urban convenience with the enchantment of French look and feel to create a luxurious escape that caters to the refined tastes of worldly travellers.

Drawing inspiration from the alluring gardens of France, the interior design of Novotel Shanghai JingAn gracefully captures the essence of elegance, sophistication and charm. Geometric patterns are repeated throughout the reception area, with luxurious finishes and stunning lighting that perfectly punctuates the grand entrance. The concept aspires to emulate the beauty and layout of traditional French gardens where the focal point is main attraction with equally attractive surroundings and corners. We brought this experience indoors, crafting an enduring and captivating atmosphere for every guest.

Upon entering the lobby, the exclusive lobby Gourmet Bar stands as a radiant focal point adorned with an illuminated light installation. The upward-expanding design artfully accentuates the concept of “energy”, reflecting the spiritual ambiance that permeates through the entire space. The visual effect is splendid and encourages guests to spend some time at the lounge area for a tête-à-tête over drinks.
The tactile reception wall feature sets the tone for the refined elegance to be found throughout the rest of the hotel. We blended French traditional neutral colours of beige with metal colour as timeless combinations to allow the other modern elements, the furnishings and bold color palette to stand out.

Our team created an overarching design that appeals to diverse needs; carving out versatile zones for socializing, work and entertainment for different times of the day, seamlessly accommodating guests as they transition between various activities.

In the hands of SL+A HOTELS, the transformation of Novotel Shanghai JingAn unfolds as a creative journey, turning the hotel into a haven of elegance, sophistication and charm. The hotel in a convenient locale adjacent to renowned landmarks is now taking her place as a destination that stands out to urban elites and stylish individuals.

Project Information

Sunny Wang – Director-in-Charge
Manop J – Design Manager/Lead Designer
Yoko Huang – Project Manager
Wing Zhang – Snr FFE Designer
Lily Tang – Project Designer
Photography – by SL+A HOTELS team