As a world leader in technology systems, this company provides comprehensive memory solutions and pushes for advancements in a broad range of applications and industries including automotive, client, mobile, medicine and data centers. Data-driven insights help keep them at the leading edge, while reducing costs and allowing for a rich user experience to improve daily life. The 3305.78 square meter office located in Taiwan was inspired by the capital city’s dynamic cityscape, where the SL+A Taipei team carefully curated an environment that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. Our goal was to create an environment that not only aligned with the company’s vision and values but also reflected the innovative spirit of the city and people.

Our main aim was to create a modern, bright and clean office that was comfortable and welcoming. A special light feature was used to draw the eye upward and follow the custom-made track wire lighting illuminating the office entrance like a main street runs through the heart of a vibrant city. This focal layer of lighting design has a similar appearance to the company’s electronic chips, evoking images of circuit board lines as a special homage to the company’s most well-known product. The close connection with Taipei, Taiwan is further celebrated by incorporating locally sourced materials used in throughout the office.

The open-plan office removes walls in the main space and the shared working environment results in a more transparent and strategic approach to conducting business. Ample open spaces can bring people together and generate endless opportunities for co-working initiatives and enhanced productivity. The SL+A design team meticulously curated flexible and multi-functional work areas, ergonomic furniture, and vibrant color schemes to create an atmosphere that stimulates creativity and cultivates organizational communication.

The company’s commitment to this office workplace design project celebrates the fusion of culture and creativity, making the Taipei office an inspiring and truly unique workplace. This is an office where visionaries and trailblazers are in their zone of genius – designing and building technologies that transform what is possible in the world.