Korean lifestyle innovator Kolon Group ushered in the beginning of a new era with the opening of the stunning “One & Only Tower”. After many years of success, the company brought on the team at SL+A Seoul to spearhead their move of close to one thousand Kolon employees to the Magok neighborhood.
This new office tower was designed to be an innovative hub for research and development, to oversee support functions and overall operations. With 16,300 square meters of space, the One & Only Tower uses eco-friendly materials on both the exterior and interior. The overall color scheme, modern finishes and consistent use of materials provides a sense of unity throughout the three buildings.
The free-form scattering of the open office creates a natural curved circulation which allows employees easy access to co-workerS. The purpose and function of the rooms can be altered by simply moving around the furniture. Spatial concepts were brought to life in the design of public meeting rooms, cafés, social hubs and presentation auditoriums. The end result truly provides a sense of creativity, freedom and vitality during work.

Partners in creative solutions


Magok District, Seoul, Korea


16,300 sqm