A long-lasting relationship between two companies is a true statement of commitment, communication and cultivating excellence. Over the past two years, SL+A Group has developed a very strong bond with ZEISS, a renowned technology leader in the field of optics and photonics. Starting with the relocation projects of Japan’s HQ Tokyo Office, quickly following up and extending the co-develop concept to Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, SL+A is pleased to partner with the ZEISS team on developments in Bangkok and Seoul currently in progress.

Present in Japan for almost 110 years, ZEISS has been continuously bringing market shaping innovation to the Japanese customer in healthcare, industrial metrology and academic research microscopy. In Tokyo, the company occupies an entire building of around 3,000 square meters – which host spacious offices, but also the company Customer Experience Center where customer can experience ZEISS Innovation solution in Microscopy imaging, Eyeglass innovative retail concept or get trained on the latest cutting-edge Ophthalmic and Microsurgery solutions. The SL+A Tokyo team provided not only Design and Project Management Services but also Workplace Studies from the very start of the project. Several meetings involving management and business unit champions were conducted to establish the guidelines for a minimalistic and clean office design consistent with all other ZEISS locations. Carefully selected materials follow a white and black monochromatic palette and additional creative elements add particular interest to the classic design with a touch of modernity.

Many elements focused on subtle contours and sleek finishes to represent the defining characteristics of the ZEISS brand. The ZEISS Customer Center is a focal point of the space, with several large display walls featuring ZEISS products and an eye-catching presentation space for demonstrations and educational content. The SL+A team worked tirelessly to integrate equipment and tools to support an activity-based workplace. Modular conference rooms and meeting areas also creates a vibrant and dynamic balance where employees can excel together.

The Carl’s Café located on the top floor of the building works as an important social hub for teams to collaborate on projects together in a relaxed setting. It serves as a way to create the “One Zeiss” atmosphere that promotes the philosophy of providing products and services that customers can trust and adds value to their lives. SL+A set out to create contemporary workspaces featuring sculpted concrete tables, sturdy wire and wood chairs juxtaposed next to a lush backdrop of plants and greenery. The introduction of ‘free address desking’ was a logical way to enhance project-oriented collaboration and instill an environment conducive to productivity in both a group setting and for individuals focused on solo projects.

The Brand is one of the most valuable and powerful assets of ZEISS. With a very clear design guide, SL+A was focused to emphasize this brand identity with precision in the design, inspiring work environment and reliable solution. In addition, our partnership means that SL+A can easily transfer design knowledge gained through the Tokyo project to the other Asian locations to provide seamless service from start to finish. As a dedicated partner for ZEISS across Asia, SL+A Group has helped to streamline the design and build process and the lengthy briefing process for each project is greatly reduced. We look forward to continuing this work, with additional international locations and collaborations on the horizon – we can make the Carl Zeiss goal of “seeing beyond” a stunning reality.


Project Information
Project: Zeiss Japan Tokyo office
Size: 3000m2
Location: Tokyo
Services Provided: Design/Workplace Consultancy
Project Team Design:
Kurt Handlbauer, Ken Uchida, Chikako Muraji, Hanayo Morioka
Project team Workplace Consultancy:
Noriko Kitamura, Yuta Yamaki
MEP Engineering: Sanki Engineering