A place for creatives, engineers, and problem solvers, this global software company’s office redesign needed to be open and flexible to facilitate efficient workflow, but still be energizing and comfortable to encourage a sense of belonging and community.

The design concept for this 16,000 sqft space drew inspiration from local natural resources of palm oil and tin, while truly celebrating the importance of Malaysian culture. Throughout the space, Pranakan elements were used together with songket and batik fabrics as an homage to the unique, multi-ethnic heritage of the Malaysian people.
This global software company hopes to use the new space to attract and retain people to support the development of a lean culture of continuous improvement. It was vital to have a design that enhances communication between groups, facilitating knowledge build-up and transfer to produce great initiatives. This office design innately strives to promote movement and collaboration, it is a workspace that encourages optimum creativity while visually showcasing the natural resources of Malaysia.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia