Some sites present so many challenges that it is a wonder that anything gets built on them. The cliff top property, Aquila, certainly had major challenges. It sits in a bowl shape facing due west out to the Andaman Sea, so it is very dramatic. While that gives you beautiful, controlled views, the slope made it technically very challenging to get down and place a villa on it.
The challenge was how to organise the house working with the contours of the site and the gradient. The solution was to spread the villa out horizontally along the contours, with the main two-storey structure consisting of a central circulation pavilion, flanked by two pavilions containing the living areas. A 30m infinity edge pool sits in front of the lower level of the living pavilions acting as the focal point for outdoor living.
The architecture of the pavilions is a fusion of contemporary and traditional elements. While the overall structure is contemporary, traditional touches are particularly seen in the interior aesthetics.

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10,000 m2


Phuket, Thailand