Dining in the open dining area is like taking a snapshot of West Lake through the seasons. As the carpet gradually changes in color, it represents the sparkles of a shimmering lake bathed in soft sunlight; the walls and hanging artwork take on different shades and reflect everything from green mountains to animals to buildings. In abstract, the octagonal column design symbolizes the twin towers of West Lake that rise from the mist and represent the top of the old world. Each table resembles a canoe or island on the lake, and diners become engrossed in the experience.  Plants and foliage add visual interest, while high-contrast patterns provide a modern touch. Overlapping oval screens create a sense of unity in the space, representing both the weeping willows and the enormous Metasequoia trees near the West Lake. Ink paintings printed on wallpaper with meaningful sentiments were placed on the West and North sides. Famous calligraphy tapestries pay homage to Hangzhou’s culture and literati gatherings on the East side.

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